Keystone Landing ()

Keystone Landing | 4266 Ridgestone Drive | Memphis, TN 83128 | 901.353.2884

* Recently Renovated

Property Type: Project Based Section 8 Family Community

Keystone Landing is located 15 miles north of downtown Memphis. This suburban community is close to schools, shopping, churches and the Cunningham Community Center.

Property Features

Features a collection of 10, two-story buildings with mix of one-, two-, and three-bedroom residences on 9.6 acres. Amenities include a renovated community room, on-site laundry room and playground. Apartment homes have upgraded kitchens and bathrooms, wood plank flooring, new lighting fixtures and ceiling fans.

Property Stats

  • Units: 150
  • Age: 1973/1988; Steele renovations completed in 2019

Property Photos