Garden City ()

Garden City | 9601 West Montgomery Road | Houston, TX 77088 | 832.672.8905

Property Type: Project Based Section 8 Family Community

Garden City is an affordable family complex with 30 residential buildings on 12 acres. It is located in northwest Houston, close to Interstate 45, shopping, dining and schools.

Property Features

Features a mix of one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom apartment homes. Residents enjoy a wide range of amenities including a 6,000 sq. ft. community center: community room and kitchen and seating area with flat screen television; business center with computer lab; fitness center with Wi-Fi; children’s library and homework room; HPD substation; and laundry facilities. There is a  sports court, playground, and outdoor gazebos with picnic areas and community barbeque grills, and on-site parking. Upgraded security features include new security camera monitoring, HPD Substation and HPD security patrols.

Property Stats

  • Units: 252
  • Age: 1970; Steele renovations completed in 2017

Property Photos