Amberly Square ()

Amberly Square Apartments | 2730 Brandy Drive | Columbus, OH 43232 | 614.861.8121

* Recently Renovated

Property Type: Project Based Section 8 Family Community

Amberly Square is a family community located on the southwest corner of Noe Bixby and Refugee Roads, approximately a half mile from I-270 and I-70 in Columbus, OH and only 20 minutes to downtown Columbus. It is only minutes to Big Walnut Creek and Nafzger Park.

Property Features

Features a mix of updated one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments in 8, two-story building on 6.4 acres. Amberly Square recently completed an extensive renovation that included both exterior and interior work. Apartment homes have all new kitchens and bathrooms with new wood plank flooring, as well as other upgrades. Upgraded community amenities include a renovated community room with computer lab, updated playgrounds and on-site laundry facilities. Life safety updates include security cameras, as well as accessibility improvements for sidewalks, parking and common areas.

Property Stats

  • Units: 112 in 8 buildings
  • Age: 1971; Steele renovations completed in 2020

Property Photos