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Rolling Hills | 770 Ferrell Court | Winston-Salem, NC 27101 |
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* Under Renovation to be completed by late 2017

Property Type: Project Based Section 8 Family Community

Rolling Hills is completing its renovation and rehabilitation in late 2017. Rolling Hills is a family community consisting of six, two-story brick buildings. Built in 1971, this property located just minutes from downtown Winston-Salem and in close proximity to shopping, dining and public transportation.

Property Features

Rehabilitating 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-bedroom apartments. New exterior siding. Upgraded amenities including community room, playground and new laundry facilities. Security features include upgraded LED lighting, security cameras and patrolling by off-duty WSPD.

Property Stats

  • Units: 110
  • Age: 1971 with Steele renovations completed by the end of 2017

Property Photos

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