Steele Properties continues to monitor the current environment as the situation continues to change and evolve. We are, first and foremost, committed to the health and safety of our residents, team members, vendors, partners and the communities that we own and manage. We have adopted new policies and procedures during this crisis that follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations and comply with all state and local government mandates to help reduce the spread of the virus.


  • All our offices are closed to the public.
    • We are in the office to handle emergencies, do administrative work and take deliveries.
  • Our offices can be reached by email, phone or fax.
  • For lease and rental inquiries, please call the community or visit

Deliveries & Vendors

  • Offices: please call us or use the entrance ringer to contact us to let you in.
  • Resident: please deliver directly to residents; the office no longer accepts resident packages or deliveries.


  • Please comply with city, state and local governments mandates and orders about COVID-19.
  • All common areas are closed (except as authorized by Monroe for an Essential Activity) to prevent the spread of COVID-19 until further notice. Please refrain from using and do not hang out in common areas.
  • Our offices are now closed to you, our residents, and the public. We are in the office for emergencies, administrative work and deliveries.
  • We are no longer accepting resident deliveries or packages at the office. Deliveries will be made directly to your apartment entrance or you will need to call your delivery carrier (like Amazon or FedEx) to make arrangements to pick up your delivery.
  • Rent checks and money orders should be mailed using the US Postal Service or by depositing your check or money order in your community’s drop box. Please make sure you fill in all blanks and include your apartment number.
  • Update us right away if your job and income changes.  We will make Tenant Income Reporting (TIR) forms available outside of your community’s office during normal business hours for you to complete and return via email, fax, US Mail, or the community drop box.
  • Certifications continue to be required. Use email, fax, US Mail, or the office drop box to send us your certification paperwork. We’ll call you to conduct your certification interview.
  • We have limited our work in your home to emergencies only.  .  If you have a non-emergency maintenance request, please be patient as we wait for CDC, Federal and State guidance to resume normal operations before we complete those repairs.
  • We are cleaning and sanitizing the common areas daily in addition to our regular cleaning routine and have posted signs detailing our sanitizing work.
  • The Laundry Room is open, but residents are asked to follow social distancing rules (stay 6 feet away from another person) and limit their time.

Castle Park Apartments

Castle park apartments
Steele Properties completed the rehabilitation of historic Castle Park, a 209-unit multifamily and elderly Project Based Section 8 community in late 2011, including over $170,000 on significant safety and security upgrades.

Greg Adams, a homicide detective for the Berkeley Police Department who has worked on the security team at Castle Park for ten years, explained “Prior to the security improvements, there was a high volume of violations every week. A lot of them were violent crimes and property break-ins. About 80% of crime was due to unwanted visitors. I personally have been injured responding to incidents here on the property.”

Steele Properties made following upgrades and property enhancements to increase resident and staff safety and security:

  • Upgrading the entire property by investing millions of dollars in rehabilitation and renovation
  • Installing new surveillance cameras throughout the property
  • Creating a single-entry point to access the property complex guarded by security staff
  • Installing key card access system and residents ID program
  • Implementing a restrictive building access policy
  • Installing breach alarms to the exterior doors
  • Implementing a strict visitor policy including visitor sign in and visitors accompanied by residents in order to enter the property
  • Installing breach alarms to exterior doors to make sure they cannot be opened, unless it is an emergency
  • Implementing a fire escape policy so that they can no longer be accessed, unless it is an emergency

“These improvements have made have made an enormous difference,” explained Adams, “The guarded entrance door and restricting access to one entry point have made a significant impact in reducing violence and property crime. The new cameras that were installed are much better than what we had before and allow us to better monitor the property. As a result, our response time is much faster now and we can quickly resolve a situation before it escalates.”

Current residents feel much safer with the addition of the security staff and resident violations and complaints have decreased. Castle Park Community Manager Melody Day commented, “There’s no doubt the security enhancements have made Castle Park safer. Prior to the improvements, the building had about 100 doors that were always propped open. Those doors are now shut and there is only one entrance door which is guarded. Older and newer residents definitely appreciate the security staff and love the guest sign-in policy because now there are no unexpected and unwanted visitors.”

Detective Adams commented on receiving excellent feedback, “The vast majority of residents have told me the community is much safer and they are glad to live in such a secure environment. Even outside visitors, especially parents of residents who live here, have said they are very happy to see a police presence monitoring the premises. I have also heard comments from healthcare workers who tend to elderly residents that they have seen a huge improvement in safety here at Castle Park.”

Crime has dropped significantly since Steele Properties acquired Castle Park. Data from the Normandy Police Department shows a significant drop in crime, with many categories such as trespassing, burglary and destruction of property declining by 100% from 2011 to the present. In 2011, 307 crimes were reported at Castle Park. Currently, only 3 crimes have been reported, a 99% reduction.

Castle park crime reduction data

A recent Castle Park resident safety and security survey was conducted: 88% of responders felt that safety and security is much better now than before the improvements were made. The same 88% said they feel safer now than before. Residents commented that they are very happy to have police sitting at the front of the property monitoring who comes into the building and are glad they do not have to worry about unwanted visitors.